Why our products

There are many reasons to choose IMIT products.

We chose only the most important ones:

1. Bossiert
2. Bruch
3. Cihlovka
4. Lícovka
5. Rustika
6. Hakl
7. Texas
8. Korsika
9. Pískovec
10. Fantazie
11. Calvi
12. Z Loreley
13. Koblenz
14. Z Cihlovka
15. Inca


  • SUPER quality of all IMIT products - production quality and procedures supervised by the management of foreign Imit customer.
  • Low bulk density of IMIT tiles.
  • Wide assortment - we produce 15 types of tiles in different colors.
  • Short delivery times from 48 hours to the house.
  • KeraTon products are protected by a utility model due to the low bulk density achieved by the ceramic filler Liapor, formerly Ceramsite.
  • From CZK 15,000 to anywhere in the Czech Republic FREE.
  • Comprehensive supplies including adhesives, joints and tile fittings.
  • Simple and clear E-SHOP.
  • High-quality technical support - videos of the bonding process as well as instructions on how to avoid the most common mistakes.


You can order tiles in our e-shop or at good sellers in whole Czech Republic always under the same conditions.

Clear ordering process

Instructions for selecting and ordering IMIT tiles

  • Choose the type of tiles - here look, there are tiles in the offer that may or may not have to be matched, see. assortment where this is stated.
  • Decide if you also require cornering if it is supplied, see. assortment.
  • Choose the color of the tiles according to the color swatch. The colors displayed on the site do not match 100%. Samples are sent only to the Czech Republic!
  • You decide on the way you buy, you have two choices. Either order your tiles with your supplier of building materials, see the list, or go directly to www.imit.cz to enter into a very simple and clear self-service shop. At e-shop, you follow the steps. Beware - both variants are always on the same financial terms.
  • You can also opt for a system solution IMIT system with delivery of building chemistry, ie penetration primer, adhesive, grout, impregnation