Imit - manufacture of artificial stone tiles

Company profile

The company was founded in 1996 as a limited liability company. At present, the Company's registered capital is CZK 1 million. The company is in 100% Czech ownership, without the participation of foreign capital.
The basic programmatic filling is the production of artificial stone tiles, ceramic concrete. We own a license to produce KeraTon tiles from ceramic concrete. We produce tiling in many modern design lines. Almost all flat tiles are supplied with corner elements.
Every year our company comes with an extension of the assortment. We are able to bring the concrete flooring and the TEXI fence system to market.
We also offer building chemistry products that we supply to the market under our own name eg Imit Tmel, Imit Spar,

From foundation to the present

Since its inception, the company has been fully engaged in the production of concrete products, especially cladding elements, for which it has been selling not only in the Czech Republic, but also abroad.
However, thanks to the good education, skill and imagination of our citizens, the company quickly found extensive outlets in the Czech Republic as well. It has established itself in all major retail chains with building materials, and has also been sold in supermarket chains (Globus, OBI, Hornbach, etc.). Tiling people have been successfully applied in unthinkable places - living rooms, corridors, fireplaces, and last but not least Imit facing the facades. With most chains, the company trades to a varying extent today.

In 2000, IMIT came to world news with KeraTon, which has been manufactured and is still made from ceramic burned clay sold under the brand Liapor, formerly known as Keramzit. There has been a significant reduction in bulk density and improved insulation properties of Imit products, which we now know as KeraTon. In the same year, the company received a Utility Pattern for a KeraTon product mix.

Over time, the market for artificial stone products in the Czech Republic has been more and more fulfilled, with competition from both the Czech Republic and abroad. The market has experienced very complex situations with this commodity. Imit continued its development steps. Under the brand name, for example, system building chemistry - adhesives, sanders, etc. was introduced. This was appreciated by customers who wanted to hear about guarantees and system solutions - a complete delivery from one supplier.

Every year Imit comes to the market with novelties such as large tiles, profile tiles. At present, Imit is able to satisfy the customer even in the delivery of concrete pavement 60/60 and 50/50 cm. But we are able to produce multi-dimensional pavement 120 x 60 cm and 120 x 120 cm. This year, the company comes to market with the TEXI fence system. These are double-sided fence boards.

Since 2014, we have come up with even more significant improvements in manufacturing technology, especially by better product coloring, as well as by substantial improvements to the surface of the product, by refining the dimensions and by making the products even lighter. The production has been completely mechanized and today tile strips are produced on the automatic line.

Statements by IMIT

IMIT declares on its sole responsibility:

  • The company 100% recycles for its own use any residue, scrap, etc., generated at all stages of production. It is a 100% wasteless production technology.
  • Through its production activities it does not cause any environmental damage, not even any form of pollution.
  • By using an environmentally friendly way of production, it does not participate in a significant form of greenhouse gas production.
  • The company is actively involved in the EKO KOM system.