Jointing material

Jointing material

Specially developed dry jointing compound with properties suitable for jointing IMIT tiles.

  • part of the IMIT System
  • dry granular mixture
  • contains water-repellent additives
  • reduces the risk of soiling when touched
  • for indoor and outdoor use

Features and Usage:

It closes the joints of the tiles and thus prevents the water from entering the tile strips and at the same time repels the water. Large-area cladding becomes more compact. The tile does not become dirty when the cover is touched.

Processing and Pairing:

The powder is mixed with the mixing water in a ratio of about 25 kg of powder to about 3.5 liters of water to form a wet mixture. The mixture must be loose (when the hand grip is loose and does not stick), so as not to polish the tiles. IMIT® jointing compound The spatter is pushed out of the sheet metal joint using a grout spatula. The width of the spatula spatula should be about 2 millimeters smaller than the joint itself. After pressing, the spatula clears into a compact layer.

Important warning:

IMIT® jointing is best done after the application of IMIT®Tmel adhesive when the adhesive and jointing compound are bonded. During drying, sprinkled surfaces must be protected from high temperatures (artificial heating, solar radiation), frost and direct water. Heavily soaked masonry, plaster is necessary, especially from very warm weather before wet. Do not treat IMIT® Spray mass at air and substrate temperatures below + 5 ° C and at higher temperatures at + 30 ° C at the same time. Additional additions of aggregate and additives to the finished jointing material are inaccessible.

Technical values IMIT®Spára

Material base: based on cement
Grain: 0 - 3 mm
Bending tensile strength after 28 days: min. 2.2 MPa
Compressive strength after 28 days: min. 10.0 MPa
Bulk density in dry state: min. 1.5 kg / dm3
Fresh spraying rate: 3 - 4 kg / m2
Adhesion of the joint to the substrate: min. 0.3 MPa
Processing temperature: from + 5 ° C to + 30 ° C
Detergents: fresh water


The data given in this data sheet contain general information and processing guidelines and corresponds to our current knowledge and experience. Deviations may occur depending on the method of operation, the substrate and the weather conditions. If required, ask our technical and advisory service. The IMIT®Spare jointing compound irritates the eyes and the skin. Protective clothing, gloves and, if necessary, protective goggles and masks should be worn. In case of contact with eyes, rinse for 10-15 minutes with water, if skin is contaminated, rinse skin with water and soap. In case of health problems, consult a doctor.


Cca 3 - 4 kg/m2


Paper laminated bag weighing 25 kg.


Cool and dry. Store in original sealed envelopes.